Designing for Quality

Planning. Preparation. Process. That’s how we deliver thoughtful, top-level design communications. At every stage, we have detailed procedures in place to ensure an on-target approach.

The Big Think

By generating an initial creative brief that outlines project goals and design considerations, we can take into account key messaging points, target audiences, and content distribution, as well as any print, web, app, or integrated media strategies.

Now What?

Each step of the process is tracked, and we record all production milestones, client approvals, and critical deadlines. For large or ongoing projects, we update in-house style manuals to ensure consistent brand implementation.

Gigantic File Help

We provide a client-specific, password-protected FTP site to ease large file transfers. We also maintain Box and Dropbox accounts.

Crossing and Dotting

Accuracy is critical to a project’s success, and we proof all edits and changes in-house. Before uploading files for online projects, we test functionality and responsive size variables on multiple screens and operating systems.

Follow the Money

Task progress, labor hours, and expenses are all tracked through our Filemaker database software. Budgets are monitored continually, and any new scope of work costs must be approved by clients in advance.

Is It Supposed to Look Like That?

We generate calibrated, inkjet color proofs and check for accurate color balance using a separate, industry-standard 5000K lighted viewing area.

The Insurance Policy

Just in case, we maintain multiple, rolling backup systems, including an automatic server backup several times a day. Each night, our most current files are also backed up to the Cloud.

Guarding the Castle

Finally, we employ spyware detection software, and all of our systems are password-protected.